Responsible gaming

We all agree: playing casino games for real money can be exciting and thrilling. After a first big win, it's difficult not to let the wheels roll again. There's nothing wrong with playing a couple of rounds and trying your luck again. But playing casino games can be addictive, in more than one way. 

Play casino games should be cool

Maybe you're just trying to win a little cash. Or perhaps you want to win back some money you lost. Or maybe you just loooove the thrill. Whichever is your good reason to play: remember that it should be about fun. If you feel you need to keep playing to win money, or because you just can't stop yourself: that is not about pleasure anymore.

Gambling to become rich?

Think playing casino games is your way to becoming a lucky millionaire? Think again! Casinos want to make money. They will never give away more money than the money they make. You, on the other hand, will over time give away more money than you win. This is ALWAYS the case. Therefore, think of gambling as an entertaining activity that costs money. Think of it like going to the movies.

How to play casino games responsibly

So, how to keep it fun? How do you play responsibly? Please check out these steps that will help you to become and stay a responsible player:

1. Limit yourself

Make sure you come up with a limit for yourself. For instance: a time limit. If you want to play responsibly, play for a set duration of time and never exceed that limit. Fifteen minutes a day, an hour a week. Just try it. You may be disappointed by how fast time goes, but remember that you play for pleasure, not to get into financial trouble. Many casinos offer the possibility to set a time limit in your account. Do it! You can thank yourself later when you haven't lost big amounts of money! (and time;)

Another wise thing: limit yourself to one casino account. Don't sign up with different casinos. It is dificult to limit time and budget when you play at different casino sites. One should be enough. Make sure you sign up with a reliable casino that has a lot to offer in every way. Check out these casino reviews.

2. Limit your budget: bets, loss & winnings

Before playing online casino games you will have to decide with what money you can gamble. Never, ever gamble with money that is not meant for playing! It should be designated money. Not money that is meant for groceries, rent, clothing or education. Do you have savings, for a new washing machine or a holiday? Don't dip in other funds. Instead, decide how much money is left for entertainment every month and put that aside. You can divide this budget into daily portions if you like to play more often. 

Just as important: bet with small amounts. You don't want to lose it all in one game. Betting with small amounts allows you to play longer and enjoy the fun. Had a lucky day? Limit your winnings as well. If you had a good win: decide it's time too stop. Otherwise, you will lose it.

3. Never play to win back

It is more likely that you will lose more money trying to win back money. You will get depressed and ignore limits and lose even more money. So, no luck today? Take your loss and try next time - when your set budget and time limit allows you to.

4. Make sure you know the rules and strategy

Although playing casino games will not make you rich, you can enhance your chances of not losing to much money by learning the game. Study our extensive game info pages on rules, strategy and tips and tricks. Playing responsibly is also about playing wisely, backed with knowledge on tactics. A lucky number alone will never, ever make you a millionaire.

5. Share: listen to de people around you

People telling you you gamble too often? Is your family not happy anymore? This is your queue to stop! Gambling should never stand in the way of your duties and it should never trouble the people around you. Again: it should be about fun, not about conflict or worries.

6. Get help in time

Do you play more often than you like or spending more money than you can miss? It is time to hit the brake. It's not always easy. You postpone it, you are ashamed or you prefer to keep it hidden from the outside world. Remember: you're never alone. Help is at hand. Check out our list of websites for gambling addiction at the end of this page.

7. Play at responsible casinos

We think it's important that our players play in a safe and responsible way. This means that on the one hand we show you these steps to play wisely. On the other hand we would like to point out the most reliable casinos out there. You don't want to get into trouble by playing at casinos that require you to make huge deposits, casinos that operate illegally or that steal your sensitive data. We review casinos thoroughly and have access to inside information on the way they operate, how they deal with their customers, and with us, their affiliates. The casinos that we recommend have proven themselves highly in the areas of fairness, safety, privacy protection and customer service.

See if you are a responsible player

Do you think of yourself as a resonsible player? Or are you in doubt? We dare you to take this quiz and see for yourself. Low risk? Congratulations, you are so far a pretty cool player. But don't get all proud: check yourself every once in a while. Are you at risk? Don't be ashamed: you are not alone. But this is your queue to take some precautions and get help. Remember, there is always help.

Looking for help on gambling addiction?

If you think you have a gambling problem, please follow these steps:

  1. Admit to yourself and your inner circle you have a gambling problem. This will help you get started. People close to you can offer support and make sure you stay away from gambling.
  2. Join a support group or call a hotline. There are many ways to get help, joining a group or getting help over the phone can be very helpful.
  3. Get professional help. Counselling or signing up for a program is your best option if you feel you won't make it by just limiting yourself or calling a help line. Every country and every city has a program that helps people battle gambling addiction or any other addiction. Check out the list below:

Gambling support websites in your area

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