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dark blaise roulette scam

Pay Attention! Dark Blaise Roulette is a SCAM!

Many videos are going viral on TikTok in which players claim to have found the ultimate hack for the casino game roulette. Thanks to the mysterious software tool Dark Blaise Roulette, one big win after another is made. But if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

partnership against malaria

We Partner Up With against Malaria!

Due to our collaboration, enough money was raised and donated to buy and distribute 1259 mosquito nets to Kampemda ZdS in the Haut Katanga Province in the Congo. 2267 people will be protected from the deadly mosquitoes.

tips on how to win on slotmachines

How to win on online casino slot machines

If you’ve ever played on a slot machine in an online casino, you probably know you can’t always win, but how can you make sure you win more often on slot machines? This has to do with the choices you make, time and time again, like the amount you bet, the number of winning lines and on the slot machine you're playing. These choices have an influence on your winning odds. How? Find out here.

Bingo - Kienen

Difference between Bingo and 'Kienen'

Bingo and Kienen are very similar games, but there are some key differences. The matrix is different and therefor also the amount of numbers.

play mobile casino games for free

Play mobile games for free at

You can now finally play free casino games on your mobile device or tablet, only at! Our offer of all the mobile games will grow steadily, work in progress!

baccarat or punto banco table

The difference between Baccarat and Punto Banco

Baccarat is the general term for the game. There are multiple forms of the baccarat game, of which punto banco is one of them, and the most popular nowadays. Wanna know more?