Craps Tips

Craps difficult? Not anymore! You have mastered the rules and are now fully initiated into the secrets of Craps strategy. So, time to play! But before you start, here are a few craps tips to make sure you become the next new Craps master!

Our final Craps tips

Practice for free first

little bit of practice will help you understand the basics of Craps and gain skills. Try out craps for free first, before you put real money on the line! 

Start with the passline

Ready to play craps? Start betting on the passline. This is a simple bet with good odds, and you can continue learning the game throughout playing.

Maximize side bets

Always take a maximum chance bet on your (don't) pass line bet or (don't) come bet. This way you will decrease the casino advantage.


Be a cool and responsible player! Set personal limits to avoid bad habits, addiction, debts or worse. Craps is a fun game and should be played for fun only! So, limiting yourself, your time and your money is key. And stick to those limits!

Ready to play Craps?

Okay, time to move on and play Craps! But before you start betting todays budget all at once, maybe play some craps for free at our website first?