​Casino Game tips

The casino game tips discussed below apply to both online and real casinos. Read them carefully, as these tips increase your chances to win, and decrease possible losses. We hope the little advice we give you here helps you to enjoy playing casino games, and at the same time helps you to stay away from gambling addiction and all relevant trouble.

Casino tips!

  • Play for fun.  The casino is an exciting place, and online can also be a lot of fun to play games. The opportunity to win money also giver an extra boost of excitement. However, the moment you lost the feeling of enjoyment in playing these games, get frustrated, or just play to win money, it might be better to stop playing. 
  • Only play with money you can miss.  Of course, we always want to win, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. So keep in mind that you can lose the money you place in a bet. That’s why you shouldn’t play with money meant for other purposes, like paying your rent, fuel for your car, or your partners birthday present. This means you will take the consequences of gambling outside of the casino, which isn’t the right thing to do. 
  • The casino always has an advantage.  Most people realize this, but still some people think they can beat the casino. This is impossible, in every game. The closest you can get is in Blackjack. If you apply the basic blackjack strategy right, the casino’s advantage is only 0,5%. In European roulette the casino has an advantage of 2,7% and in the slot machines the pay rate is between 90 en 99%. But in every game the player has a disadvantage. 
  • Practice the games for free first.  Before you start to play a real casino game, it is useful to know how to play the game. So study the game rules and practice for free, without betting actual money in the game. You can play casino games for free at our website, the game rules are explained too. 
  • Play with a prior established amount of money. Before you play, establish an amount of money you are able to miss, and stop playing if you reached your limit. For example, it might help to leave your credit card at home if you go to an actual casino, or set deposit limits in many online casinos. This way you can never play with you can’t actually miss (tip2). 
  • Take your profit at the right time.  Compliant with the previous tip, it is sensible to stop playing once you’ve made a profit. It happens all the time: players win a sum of money, and, in their state of euphoria, bet larger amounts and lose everything at the end. Placing larger bets comes with a risk. It is difficult to go back to a lower limit, so you can still go home having lost money. A casino tip that might help, is to stop at certain prior established amount money. For example, you play with €100, and you have got a winning limit of €100. You are lucky and you win €500. You can choose to quit immediately, because you crossed you winning limit. But if it’s still early and you want to keep on playing, just put €200 (€100 starting money and €100 profit) aside, so you still made a nice profit in case you lose the rest. 
  • Only play in trustworthy casinos.  You can find hundreds of casinos online. Unfortunately, not all of them can be trusted. So always play in casinos that own the right licenses, this way you can be sure the games are checked for randomness, so every bet has an equal chance compared to previous bets. Trustworthy casinos are checked regularly for honesty, will not mess with this, because they might lose their license. You can usually find this information on the ‘about us’ page or in the Terms and Conditions of the casino. But don’t bother, because we’ve already done this for you! Every online casino you can play in through us, is checked for their licenses, so you don’t have to. If you want to play in an online casino, you can check out our online casino reviews to find the one that fits you best.

Casino Tips for each game

Besides some general advice and casino tips, we have a lot of game tips & tricks for you lined up in our game info pages. These game tips will definitely make playing much more fun, ánd much more profitable! You can find these tips by clicking the following links: