Difference between bingo and kienen

Bingo - Kienen
  • Size; A Bingo card always consists of 5x5 matrix, while in kienen other sizes are also possible. A small cad has 9 columns with 3 rows. The big card has 6 small cards.
  • Size; A Kien card usually has 9 columns, with an own column for each ten. The numbers 1-9 in the first column, 10-19 in the second column, etcetera. What a bingo card looks like is described above.
  • Numbers; Bingo is being played with 75 numbers, and Kienen is played with 90 numbers.
  • Changing cards; In Bingo, every game is played with different, new bingo card. While in Kienen you play the entire evening with just the same card. In Kienen, make sure your lucky numbers are already on the card when you buy it!
  • Missing numbers; In a large bingo card, players are missing 3 numbers, due to the 1 missing number in the middle of the matrix. In a large bingo card a player has all the numbers available.
  • Fallen numbers; In Bingo, players can cross out numbers or mark them on the card, and throw away the card after the game. In Kienen, players usually cover the fallen numbers with a chip, so when the game is over, they can use the card again

False Bingo or Kien; if people call a false bingo, the card is destroyed. At Kien the chips are removed from the card, so there still is a chance to win, although it is very slim.