Roulette Tips

So what exactly are good roulette tips? There are endless websites that claim to have the best roulette tips to make sure you always win. You can throw halve of those tips straight in the bin. Most websites that offer roulette tips are not interested in increasing your chances of winning: they actually want you to lose money in an online casino. This is how they make money!

Roulette tips

Good roulette tips should be useful, honest advices and inside tricks, that help you play longer and increase your winning odds. Tips to make sure you play roulette for a lot of fun, and not to make you gamble and take too much risk. Always keep these tips and tricks in mind while playing roulette! Enjoy!

Here they are: 10 honest roulette tips to help

  1. Play European roulette. We'll get straight to the point with one of the best roulette tips: make sure you play the right game of roulette. Only play European roulette, not American roulette. The casino’s advantage is too big in American roulette. In American roulette there are two green boxes (zeros), which makes the casino’s advantage 5,2% instead of 2,7%.
  2. Set personal limits. Play with a prior set budget and stop playing after you’ve won a prior set amount of money. Don’t stray from these limits while playing. Don’t play with money you can’t miss. Play responsibly!
  3. Every spin on the roulette wheel is a new opportunity. Don’t forget that every new spin is a new opportunity. Even if the ball ends on black for ten times in a row, the odds in a new spin remain 50% on black and 50% on red. Every claim saying you have to pay attention to previous numbers, is therefore complette and utter nonsense! Every spin, each of the 37 pockets have an equal chance of being selected. 
  4. Spread your chances. A good roulette tip! Reduce your risk and increase your chances by spreading your bets over different boxes. If you only bet on one number, you’ll win once in 36 rounds, a statistical chance of 2,7%!
  5. Play neighbors roulette. If you have a strong feeling or a wonderful vision about a certain number, play roulette neighbors game. This way, if the roulette ball ends up next to it, you will still win. It may prevent some frustrations about the ball always ending up next to your lucky number.
  6. Try a roulette strategy. An important roulette tip. Roulette strategies are based on mathematic principles. Even though every spin poses a new opportunity (tip 4), you can still enjoy playing a strategy. Not only does it increase your winning odds, a roulette strategy also brings an extra dimension to playing roulette.
  7. Play in trustworthy casinos. There are a lot of online casinos that offer roulette. Not all of these casinos are trustworthy. The online casinos on our website, use software that is checked on randomness. Independent organizations check if the software is fair or not. Stay away from casinos offered on websites that promise too much or seem unreliable.
  8. Take your profit in time. We’ve all been there. You start off lucky and make a nice profit - only to lose it in no time. So, if you win: make sure you put your total bets aside. At least this way, you play break even. Even better: put large winnings or part of it aside and don't use it for playing. For example, if you’ve won $200, set aside $100 (plus your inital bets) and enjoy your extra money later. Maybe start saving for a nice holiday for your family or for a new fridge;). And stick to this decision! It all comes down to this: if you keep losing, and it doesn’t seem like the ball is ever going your way; stop playing. Don’t try to keep on playing until you’ve regained what you have lost. If you've won: count your blessings and enjoy it - instead of returning it to the casinos bank account again.
  9. Play for fun. Ask yourself: am I still playing roulette for fun? Or out of boredom, frustration or because I'm in debts? Stop playing if you find out you don’t enjoy playing anymore. It’s still just a game, and games are played for fun, right?
  10. Read this article again, but the other way around.

Ready to play?

Well, now you know everything you need to know about roulette: roulette rules, strategy and roulette tips. Now it's time to put all that knowledge to work! You can play roulette for free with us and try out some strategies before signing up at a nice casino.