Pay Attention! Dark Blaise Roulette is a SCAM!

dark blaise roulette scam

Many videos are doing the rounds on TikTok, YouTube and Telegram in which players claim to have found the ultimate hack for the casino game live roulette. Thanks to the mysterious software tool Dark Blaise Roulette, one big win after another is made. On the social medium platform you can see how someone wins no less than $ 40,000 with one golden bet. But be careful; if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. tells you why Dark Blaise Roulette is a real scam.

What is Dark Blaise Roulette?

Dark Blaise is a roulette software that predicts outcomes. With the tool you would get rich quickly because you already know in advance which number will come up. Based on previous results, the tool calculates on which number the ball will fall in the roulette wheel. On various videos on TikTok, we see how players use Dark Blaise Roulette and seem to have great success with it. The prediction of the tool is taken as true and chips of hundreds of dollars are placed on a single number. Fortunately for the player, the tool's prediction is correct and the player in question wins tens of thousands of dollars. And that in just one round.

How does Dark Blaise Roulette work?

The Dark Blaise Roulette software works according to a short step-by-step plan. First you have to indicate which type of roulette you play. For example Lightning Roulette from Evolution. Then fill in the numbers that have fallen in the past three rounds. Based on these results and the roulette variant, the tool tells you which number you should bet on next time.

How does Dark Blaise Roulette know on which number to bet money? The exact technique behind the tool is not known to us, but in all probability the algorithm of the roulette game is 'cracked'. In many table games and slots, the outcomes are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). This is a computer program that generates completely random results to ensure the fairness of the games.

Why is the Dark Blaise tool a scam and you shouldn't try it?

1. Cracking algorithms in live casino games is not possible

However, there is one type of casino game that does not use an RNG: live casino games. And what does catch our eye? In all TikTok videos the players use Live Roulette. With Live Roulette it is impossible to predict on which number the ball will land. This has everything to do with the human factor; the dealer. The speed at which the croupier throws the ball into the wheel determines the outcome. So no arbitrary series of numbers are involved here. The suggestion that a mysterious tool like Dark Blaise can predict the outcomes of live roulette is therefore technically impossible.

2. Cheating = bye bye money

Besides the fact that Dark Blaise Roulette is a form of scam, you run a great chance of missing out on your huge winnings. Cheating in the online casino using software tools is not allowed. As soon as the online gambling provider finds out that you have cheated, your winnings will not be paid out. You can then say goodbye to the 'staggering amounts' that you just won with live roulette. That is, IF the tool would even work, which is doesn't.

3. The RNG is...random

There are also (live) roulette games that do work on the basis of an RNG. This RNG is a piece of software developed by an external company and tested by authorities such as the KSA (NL) and the MGA (Malta). The RNG ensures that each outcome comes about randomly and there are no patterns in the outcomes. Suppose someone has already succeeded in cracking the RNG and predicting outcomes, then you can count on this software being adjusted in no time. The videos on tiktok and youtube have long since become obsolete.

4. Comments and reviews are fake

The comments below the videos are fake. It is not possible to post a comment on any video (watched by us). This shows that the uploaders are not waiting for negative reviews because their tool does not work. They have turned off comments because there is probably a lot of negativity.

Here is some evidence from players who have tried the Dark Blaise software and lost their money:

dont try dark blaise software
proof dark blaise is a scam

How to enjoy playing roulette ?

Installing a tool is not a fair or effective way to "beat" the roulette wheel. So what can you do to increase your chances at (live) roulette? There are several roulette tactics you can follow that will reduce the benefit to the casino in the long run. Some well-known tactics are the Fibonacci and the Martingale. Curious? Detailed explanation about roulette tactics can be found here.

Casino games, like roulette, are not a way to get rich or make a quick buck. It is an exciting game where you sometimes win and sometimes you lose. Ultimately, the casino always has an advantage over you as a player. Want to know more about how best to play roulette? Read our roulette tips. Keep it fun, play for fun and stay away from tools like Dark Blaise roulette!

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