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Play Roulette Play roulette for free, for as long as you like You can now play roulette for free at Top Casino, before you might play for real money. Roulette is the most-played casino game in the casinos. There are different kinds of roulette, from which the European roulette is played the most

Roulette Rules

Welcome to your first roulette class! In this part we will explain to your the basic roulette rules. What does a Roulette wheel and table look like? What are the possible bets? How can I win and how much do I win? All these questions will be answered on this page.  Roulette rules So, thi

Roulette Strategy

On this page we'll tell you what a roulette strategy is, and what the best roulette tactics are to achieve this. Playing by a roulette strategy should be your number one roulette rule! What is a roulette strategy? A roulette strategy is a well thought plan to reach a certain goal. Of course, you c

Roulette Tips

So what exactly are good roulette tips? There are endless websites that claim to have the best roulette tips to make sure you always win. You can throw halve of those tips straight in the bin. Most websites that offer roulette tips are not interested in increasing your chances of winning: