Baccarat Strategy (Punto Banco)

If you apply the Baccarat strategy well, the odds are pretty solid. First, read the baccarat rules to completely understand the game. Read them? Let's move on to your best strategy.

The best baccarat strategy and no 1 tip

You can see that there's only one certain baccarat strategy that is best for you. And that is: bet on banker. This will optimize your odds. The banker option has a casino advantage of only 1.06%, even after commission is deducted. These are better odds than, for example, roulette.

The player bet gives the house an advantage of 1.24%, so not as good as a bet on banker, but still much better than many other casino games. 

What the casino makes a profit off, and what you should not bet on, is the tie option, which has a casino advantage of 14%!

Casino advantages in Baccarat:

  • Banker: 1.06%
  • Player: 1.24%
  • Tie: 14%

Choose a baccarat table with few decks

An important baccarat tip to enhance your baccarat strategy: choose your casino wisely. Almost every (online) casino offers baccarat with eight decks of cards, but you can also find live games with only four or six decks of cards. The fewer decks used, the better the odds for the player. Just like blackjack, by the way. This is because the house‚Äôs advantage decreases if fewer decks are being used. Fewer decks also comes in handy if your trying a card counting baccarat strategy to calculate dealing possibilities. If this is even possible in a live casino, as the dealer usually places a piece halfway the stack of cards. After that, the cards are shuffled and only halve of the deck is being played with.

Ready? Play baccarat

Not that difficult, right? Time to try baccarat yourself! You can sign up at a casino and bet your money straight away at the baccarat tables. But you can also first practice a bit and play baccarat for free on our secure website.