How to win on online slot machines

tips on how to win on slotmachines

If you’ve ever played on a slot machine in an online casino, you probably know you can’t always win, but how can you make sure you win more often on slot machines? This has to do with the choices you make, time and time again, like the amount you bet, the number of winning lines and on the slot machine you're playing. These choices have an influence on your winning odds. How? That is what I’ll explain below.

On which slot machine can you win the most?

First of all, it is important to realize that the casino will always win on the long run. The casino’s advantage depends on the payout rate of the slot machine. You can find this rate for a lot of games on each slot machine page. The higher the rate, the lower the advantage of the casino. So make sure you play on a slot machine that has a high payout rate, to decrease the advantage of the casino.

Not every slot machine is the same. Some of them have a high maximum profit, but only a small percentage of your bets will earn you anything. In other games you win a lot of times, but the amount of money you win is not that high. Which of these slot machines you choose, doesn’t really matter, it depends on your personal preference. Do you prefer big hits, or would you rather win a lot of smaller amounts? It is up to you. However, if you keep on playing slot machines that win a lot of small figures, you’ll eventually get to slot machines that only pay out 95% of every bet. That way, you lose 5% each time you win, which you don’t want, of course. That’s why I would try to avoid slot machines that give you the impression you only win a small amount in every spin. You can figure this out while playing, or by checking the payout rate table, which you can find under ‘info’ on every game. Watch out for the amount of money you win with the four least valuable symbols, for example. If this amount is lower than your bet, it is best not to play on this slot machine.

How much money do you have to bet?

If you play with €100, you will usually not bet this entire amount at once, would you? The odds that you win back your bet are too small, and the odds of losing your €100 is too big. But you will probably not just bet €0,10, because if you make a nice profit of, let’s say, 30 times your bet, you’ll only win €3, which will not make us rich.

The best bet is somewhere in between these two options. My advice is to make your bet depending on the amount you're playing with, like 1/100 of the number of credits. If you play with a €100, then your maximum bet is €1. If you lose €25 of the original €100, you will have €75 left and you can bet a maximum of €0,75. This way you will keep a balance between the amount you can win, and the amount you can lose. Of course, this advice is just a guideline, and you will have to take your personal preferences into account in your decision on how much to bet. If you’d rather not bet more than €2 per spin, don’t stray from this, independent of your bankroll.

How many winning lines do you have to play on?

This doesn’t actually matter that much, every winning line generally pays out the same and the bet per winning line is also the same. We still advise you to always play on the maximum number of winning line, because this prevents the frustration of making a possible profit on a line you disabled. And frustration is an emotion we want to shut out while playing, because we are playing for fun.

On the old-fashioned classic fruit machines there is often the choice to play in the top game or the bottom game. The winning odds in the top game are usually higher than the bottom game. So if you have a choice to go for top or bottom, always choose to go for the top game.

When do slot machines change?

In a bar you usually are not going to play on a slot machine, from which someone had just made a profit. If someone has just lost a lot, many people are inclined to play on this very slot machine. This is because the software of the slot machine is set in a certain way, in online casinos this phenomenon is regulated by the Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG is monitored by independent organizations, to make sure all games remain fair. The RNG also makes sure the slot machine is balanced, so if a lot of money has been won earlier, losses have to come too. The problem however, is that you don’t know when it is the right time to step in, because a lot of players are playing on the slot machine at the same time.

One possible way to avoid this problem, is change slot machines after you’ve been in a bonus game, or received free spins. These are functions you don’t get too often, but in which you can make a nice profit. Directly after a big win, you can also change slot machines, because, as explained, the won amount also has to be lost... but rather by someone else then by you! To be safe and sure that the amount won with the bonus game is really in your account, we advise you to play one more round. There have been stories about people closing the game before the wins were added. Personally I dont think the casino's these people played at were fair, but it happened and better to be safe than sorry! (If we find out a casino did this, we will exclude him from our lists of course).

When to stop playing on the slot machines

Make sure you keep experiencing the slot machines as entertainment. Just playing a fun game, with the excitement of a possible win. But keep it enjoyable for yourself and only play with money you can miss. Also set limits for yourself, a maximum won amount and a maximum amount lost. Do not stray from these limits while playing. This way you can keep enjoying yourself, and prevent financial problems. If you have a feeling you’re having trouble gambling, then look at our information about preventing gambling addiction.

Tips on how to win on online slot machines

To summarize on how to have more fun and win on slot machines:

  • You need to play with the maximum amount of winning lines on the slot machine
  • Play on slots with a high payout rate. 
  • The bet you place depends on the total amount of money you are playing with, which is your total bankroll divided by 100. 
  • Change slot machines after a big win, or after playing a bonus game or free spins. 
  • Try to play on slot machines that have your favorite characteristics
  • Avoid slot machines that have a very low max win
  • Avoid slots where you can win a lot of times, but only a small amount. 
  • Stop playing if you reached your maximum loss or maximum profit.

If you keep these tips in mind when playing on a casino slot machine, you’ll win more often on the slot machines, and enjoy playing longer and more.