Wanneer ben jij geboren?

Je verklaart dat je jouw geboortedatum naar waarheid hebt ingevuld en dat je begrijpt dat deze website alleen bedoeld is voor personen van 24 jaar en ouder die zich bewust zijn van de risico's van kansspelen en op dit moment niet zijn uitgesloten van het spelen van kansspelen.


Craps, the casino dice game from Las Vegas. Test your skills and try out for free.


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Playing Craps 

Playing Craps is one the most exciting activities in the casino. These days you can also play craps in online casinos. The fact that it is such an exciting game may have something to do with reactions of players and the crowd whenever the dice is rolled. Craps may seem a difficult game, but the only thing players actually have to know, are the different betting possibilities. Take your time to read through the craps game rules and you start rolling the dice instantly.

We will also study the different payouts, and you can take a look at our craps strategies to decide what is the best thing to bet on and what betting possibilities you should stay away from. You can’t play craps in many online casinos, all the more reason to try it out in an online casino! But not before you’re familiar with the craps game rules and craps strategies of course! 

The first you’ll play craps here, it might take a while before it is loaded (depending on the speed of your network). The next time, the game will load instantly, as long as you don’t delete your cookies. That is why, for your own enjoyment, we advise you not to delete your cookies.


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