Big Bad Wolf slot machine

Make sure your house stands as strong as possible, otherwise the wolf will blow it away!

Big Bad Wolf

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Big Bad Wolf is a slot machine in which the big bas wolf tries to blow away the house where the three innocent pigs are sitting in. Just like the famous fairy tale. And you will see this come back in this beautiful slot machine from Quickspin, where the wolf helps you score big wins by blowing away the used symbols. This charming slot machine is very popular in the online casinos, and with reason.

How do you win in Big Bad Wolf?

The slot machine may appear treacherously cute, but actually knows a lot of depth and exciting tricks! What elements do you have to consider, if you want to get big wins? Sweeping Reels: The prominent function of the slot machine is the Sweeping Reels, which you might know from the other software providers like Rolling Reels or Avalanche. As soon as you get a winning combination on the rolls, the wolf will blow away the winning symbols to make room for new symbols. Wilds: Big Bad Wolf has free spins that it puts in place in an interesting way. The normal Wilds are beehives. But if you keep on scoring wins thanks to Sweeping Reels, then the pigs will also change into Wilds. So the more you win, the more Wilds you’ll meet! Free spins/Blowing Down the House: The Free Spins bonus round starts with three Wolf symbols and you can get ready for the new bonus round, namely the Blowing Down the House. Gather moons, so you can claim extra free spins and even score multipliers!

Big Bad Wolf slot machine

The theme of the Big Bad Wolf slot machine is pretty clear: the three pigs try to protect their home against the big bad wolf. But this slot machine looks absolutely beautiful. With a nice art-like style, it kind of looks like a child’s book. Even the classic poker symbol on the rolls are beautifully shaped in wood. The pigs are also there, of course, each with their own style and looks. And the big bad wolf? He looks like he is breaking out of a wooden symbol, on the hunt for the nice pigs hiding in the house!