Releasedatum: 2016-12-07
  • Winning lines: 117649
  • Bet: €0,20 - €20
  • Rolls: 6
  • Rows: 6
  • Payout rate: 96%

Bonanza slot machine

Bonanza is a slot machine with a stunning 117649 winning lines! That is a true madhouse of a slot machine, and it also plays fast and great! What a beast of a slot machine this is, a great piece of work by Big Time Gaming!

Playing the Bonanza slot machine

In Bonanza you dive into a granite mine, where a lot of crystals and gems are waiting for you. With mining carts that dump even more winning symbols on the rolls, you can expect more and more wins. With gold bars, gems small and big, and the normal numbers and symbols, this is a game in which you will feel like winner more and more. Raging fast, super fun and constantly rewarding!

Winning in the Bonanza slot machine

What do you have to focus on to make the most out of this fast slot machine? First of all we have the Wild. A bar of dynamite that counts as all other symbols, except for the scatters.

You also have to pay close attention to the symbols in the mining carts. These add a symbol to every roll they’re on top of. And you also need to watch the symbols on the rolls. These will drop down in a cascade as soon as there is a winning combination on the rolls. New symbols replace the used symbols. So you can keep on winning! 

Gold is valuable, also in Bonanza. Because the gold bars are the Scatters, and they all have 1 letter from the word GOLD written on the bars. Spell the word entirely and get 12 free spins.

Free spins give you the opportunity to win a never-ending multiplier. That is huge, because after every winning combination, you will get an extra multiplier!