Mega Fortune

NetEnt has jackpot games too, like Mega Fortune. You can even win with a €0,25 bet.

Mega Fortune Slot Machine

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Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot Machine

Do you want luxury and wealth in your life? Then you need to play the Netent slot machine Mega Fortune sometime, and try to grab the mega jackpot which goes up into the millions! You can even win this jackpot with a minimal bet of €0,25, which makes this slot machine one of the best jackpot slot machines around! Mega Fortune offers the three most apparent special characteristics: wild, scatter and a bonus game. In the bonus game you’ll see a wheel of fortune, which is used to win the jackpot. The player, who reaches the center of the wheel, wins the Million Mega Jackpot, it doesn’t even matter how much you’ve bet. Play with the glamorous characters in limousines, with golden watches and piles of cash money in the Mega Fortune game!

Review Mega Fortune

Aside from the amazing jackpot, Mega Fortune in itself is also a very nice slot machine. For example, the wild symbols appear very frequent, and in the free spins game you can win even more extra free spins or multipliers.

Het bonus game

You will reach the bonus game in Mega Fortune if you see 3 bonus symbols on a winning line, from left to right. These are not scatters unfortunately, and it is possible you’ll see 3 bonus symbols on the first 3 rolls, but they’re not on a winning line. In our experience however, the bonus game will appear very frequent. In the bonus game you’ll end up in the wheel of fortune, in which 3 wheels are spinning. You will first stop the outer wheel, by clicking ‘stop’ at the exact right moment. If the wheel stops on an arrow, you will proceed to the middle wheel. The goal is to get as close to the center of the wheel as possible, because that is where the grand prizes and the million jackpots are located. The great thing about this jackpot slot machine is that even with a very small bet, you will still have a shot at the mega jackpot!

The free spins game

At 3 scatter symbols, you will receive free spins, at 2 scatter symbols you’ll win 2 times your initial bet. How many free spins you will receive, differs each time. Because you choose 1 of the 3 or more scatter symbols, by clicking on them. Behind each scatter is a number of free spins and a multiplier. In the free spins game, you can increase the number of spins and the multiplier by finding 2 or more scatter symbols at once. You can imagine that with a nice multiplier, you can gain a lot of profit!


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