Do online casinos use cookies?

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Casinos install a cookie in your browser to remember your login name. This way, they save you the trouble of filling in your login name every time.

Casino cookies

Cookies are inevitable if you want your casino to remember who you are. You can always check the cookie policy of your casino to find out which cookies they use for which purpose.

Rather no cookies? Refusing cookies is possible!

A lot of websites ask for permission to install a cookie. They ask for your permission by stating the following: “This website uses cookies”. If you would rather not have any cookies installed on your website, you can simply follow the directions on the website. It is even possible to refuse cookies in the settings of your internet browser. Go to the menu of your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer), and choose ‘Options’ or ‘Settings’. After that, you click on the ‘Privacy’ button. But be aware: a lot of websites perform not so well without the use of cookies.

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