How are my (personal) data protected?

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Want to play casino games online, but not entirely sure if it's safe? Don’t worry: online casinos take the highest care when it comes to their players privacy.

At least: the casinos we promote here!

Safe and trustworthy casino’s

All the online casinos you find on our website are known for being trustworthy and safe. These casinos take the reight measures to protect your privacy and your (personal) details.

Data protection and privacy

Your account details are protected and locked away by servers and safe systems, protected from hacking and identity theft. Only a select group of casino employees have access to parts of your account details. They will only use these details if you need help with your account or payment. Your account details will never be given to third parties. Furthermore, your password is only known by you. No one else is able to play casino games through your account.

It is very import for you to choose a strong password. It is also very important to never share this password with other people so they can place bets of withdraw money in your name.

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