How can I withdraw money from my casino account?

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Sweet victory at the blackjack table or maybe earned a couple of rupees at the slot machine? Time to cash your casino winnings. Learn how.

Casino withdrawal methods

Are you ready for a casino withdrawal? Check your casino website for conditions and how to withdraw your casino balance. Most casinos toffer easy, fast and secure withdrawal methods.

Minimum amount for withdrawal

The online casinos use different minimum amounts when it comes to paying out winnings. This amount is usually between 10 and 30 dollars.

I want my entire balance paid out

Collect all your winnings and dry out your whole balance? Some casinos apply an extra fee or have strict regulations when it comes to the payment of deposited money that has not yet been played. And know this: got a nice a sign-up bonus? But not yet met the wager? Then you cannot claim this bonus money yet. You will first have to unlock this. If you have unlocked the bonus and have met all the regulations, you are free to cash your whole balance. As long as the amount doesn't exceed the daily limit.

How do I deposit my casino winnings?

Look for the page or button that says 'payments' or 'withdrawals'. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and in some cases: the payment method you wish to use. The payment method that casinos use to pay out your winnings differs greatly per casino. At many casinos your winnings is transferred to your bank account, but some casinos also pay through your original payment method, such as Visa, Skrill or Neteller. In general, withdrawal is the fastest if you use the same withdrawal method as the deposit method.

How long does it take before I have the money in my bank account?

Transaction time depends on the withdrawal method and whether your online casino does an identity check. Many casinos first want to check your ID and address before they pay out, especially when it comes to higher amounts. At some casinos, the payout time can be up to 3 business days, but most online casinos pay your winnings within 24 hours to 2 business days.

Is there a maximum amount to be paid out?

Many casinos use a maximum of 5,000 dollars per payout. Read the conditions of your casino for the exact maximum amount that can be withdrawn.

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