What to do if my internet connection is lost while playing a casino game?

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When your internet connection drops while you are playing a casino game, the game usually just continues, but without bets. Automatic betting will stop immediately.

Internet or power cut during a casino game? No problem!

You are enjoying a nice game of roulette and then it happens: the internet connection or even the electricity stops. What to do? When your connection drops during a game, the game usually just continues. In some cases, you have to log in again after the connection is restored. After that you can continue to play. When you are playing slots or individual table games, the game pauses while you are doing nothing.

What happens to your bets?

When internet connection is lost during a casino game, your last bet and balance stay the same. If it is your turn to place a bet and the casino accepted this bet during this time, it will be included in the game. After this, the game will be finished and the second your internet connection is restored, you can see the game results. Did you choose automatic bet placing? This will stop immediately the second your connection is lost. When you have your connection back and you are again logged in, you can just play on! With table games like poker, not placing a bet results in folding a hand.

What happens to your casino bonus (big win or free spins) or profit?

You might find yourself in a situation where you just collected a big win or free spin bonuses. What if your internet connection is lost at this point? Not to worry: your balance will continue to be as it was. Once you open the game, it just resumes from the point where you lost your connection.

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