What is the minimum and maximum deposit at a casino?

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Minimum and maximum deposit amounts vary per casino. Some casinos allow you to play with a deposit of 10 dollars, some ask for more. The maximum deposit a day is often not mentioned.

Miminum casino deposit

The minimum amount you have to deposit into your account to start playing at most casinos is between 10 and 30 dollars. Some casinos offer a possibility to start a real slot game for free through so calles free spins. 

What is the maximum amount that I can deposit into my casino account?

Not all casinos are clear about this. But do you want to play responsibly? Then impose a daily limit yourself. Make clear agreements with yourself and your partner and write it down. Only gamble with money that you can really spare and never, ever! go over budget. Gambling should be about fun, not about debts or trouble. Want to know if you are a responsible player? Check this.

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