What payment options for casinos do I have?

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To make your deposit at an online casino you can use various payment methods, including credit card, online bank transfer and many online alternatives. Make sure you actually have spare money to play with and avoid getting into debts.

Buying casino chips

Playing at a casino for real means having chips to gamble with. So, you need to buy chips, or in this case: make a deposit. After you make a deposit, you have a balance linked to your account. Then you can place bets. Never borrow money from others or banks to play online. Gambling should be fun, not getting you and your family in debts.

Casino deposits with a classic credit card

Credit card as a casino payment method is very popular. Visa or Mastercard is accepted almost everywhere. Please note: when paying by credit card you can be asked for your pin code. Furthermore, you need to produce proof that you are the person on the creditcard through an identity check.

Casino deposits by bank transfer

Bank transfer is possible at many online online casinos. Some casinos require a higher minimum deposit because bank transfer administration fees are higher. Please note: if you choose to pay by bank transfer, it will take a few days before your deposit is credited to your account. Most casinos need 2 to 5 days to process your bank transfer. You can only play at the casino after your payment has been processed.

Which alternative payment methods can I use to make casino deposits?

Many online casinos offer endless payment methods. Nowadays, virtual credit cards are a popular and safe way to make your casino deposit. Make sure you have a virtual credit card from a reliable and well-known provider that is accepted by your casino. 

What are Skrill and Neteller payment methods?

There are alternatives to credit cards, such as Neteller, Skrill and Paysafe.Skrill is an online payment method that you can compare with Paypal: you transfer money to your Skrill account, and you pay with what is on your balance. You do not borrow money, so there is no credit check. You can transfer money to your Skrill balance in different ways. Neteller works basically the same. Both are safe, reliable payment methods and registration is free.

Can I also pay with the credit card of my partner or family member?

No, your credit card must be linked to your own name and address. Many casinos do an identity check when you pay with a credit card, to prevent identity fraud and payment fraud.

Responsible gambling

We say it again and we will keep saying it: gambling is fun, but it is not your way to becoming rich. You are more likely to become addicted than to become a millionaire. Always make sure you have money left over to play with. So do not play with money that was actually intended for groceries or for the education of your children. Want to know if you are a responsible player? Check this.

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