Who has access to my casino password?

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Only you - and you alone - know the password with which to log in to your casino account. Make sure you use a strong password to prevent unauthorizes persons to hack your account.

Acces to your casino password

No employee or manager of a casino has acces your password. It is really important to choose a password which will not be easy for unauthorized persons to guess or hack. Never stay logged in when you leave your computer and make sure you change your password when you think it may have been compromised.

A good password

A good password protects you from theft of identity. It is of the greatest importance that you choose a strong password, which will not be easy to guess so unauthorized persons will not be able to make bets or withdraw money in your name. Do not ever give your password to a person that reaches out to you by telephone or email: even if this person claims to be a casino employee. And do not give your password to friends, or even family. It is also rather important to change your password once in a while! 

Choosing a password

A password is strong if there is no logic behind the password. Therefore it is not smart to create a password that connects with you as a person. It might seem strange, but there are still a lot of people who use their name and date of birth for a password. Let’s not even start on the well known ‘123 passwords’…

A strong password contains at least 8 icons of which at least 1 is a Capital letter, 1 is a number and 1 is a punctuation mark. Needless to say: the longer this password is, the better. You might even use a sentence as a password. It might for instance be good to use a sentence which you use often. This way, you will not forget your password easily. Check out this Cyber Aware page for more information on creating strong passwords.

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