Why do casinos check my identity when I want to withdraw money?

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You have played nicely and now you want to see your winnings appear at your bank account. Your casino will probably verify your account at this point.

Why identity check upon payment?

Good, reliable casino take security and data protection seriously. This means that privacy of players is handled with care, that casino games are fair and deposits and withdrawals are safe. It also means that these casinos do everything to prevent fraud. To prevent someone else from running away with your winnings, it is very important that your account and bank details match your identity.

When and how do casinos verify your account?

Casinos ask for a passport or driver's license scan or copy, often at the time of withdrawal, but some casino do an account verification when you sign up. In addition, casinos want formal proof that your address details match the account details of your bank account or credit card. 

However, some casinos that accept online payment methods such as Neteller and Skrill don't issue identity checks when you deposit and withdraw money through this payment method. These online banks have already done this identification check. To find out whether or not a casino does an identity check, it is best to first contact the customer service of a casino or read the conditions carefully.

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