Will my identity be checked?

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Yes, your identiy is checked when you want to play at an online casino. But this is both for your own safety as for the casino's.

Why is your identity checked at online casinos?

Checking your identity as a casino player is for your own safety and that of the casino. You as well as the online casino want to make sure that the person behind a certain account name and account address is in fact the person he/she claims to be. Furthermore, legislation demands identification from casino players. Do you come across a casino that has no ID check wahtsoever? Beware, this means your own safety is at risk.

What is checked?

The three following elements are being checked: bank account, linked to an address, and age.

When is your identity checked?

The identity check can differ slightly. Some casinos do the ID check at registration, but most casinos check your ID at the first payout of profit. Receiving a payment through your credit card? Your ID will probably be checked. However, if the amount of your withdrawal is lower than the amount of your deposit, an identity check is not always necessary; these casinos will pay out your bet. A one-time identification is often sufficient.

ID card and bank statement

In almost every casino you need to present a copy or scan of your ID card or passport. A driver’s license is often insufficient. You will also have to present evidence of your address if you want to be paid out. Usually a bank statement with your address is mandatory; this will confirm your bank account is linked to your address and name. Of course you are allowed to make your financial data illegible.

How to deliver your ID to a casino?

Sending a scan of your ID papers to the customer service by e-mail will do in most casinos these days. Your payment or registration can then be processed quickly.

Is an identity check always necessary?

If you have trouble with presenting your identity data, you can also decide to deposit or withdraw your money by an official online bank like Skrill or Neteller. These banks have already checked your identity and address. The casinos usually don’t do an ID check again.

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