Releasedatum: 2014-01-07
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Play Keno 

Playing Keno is not that hard. It is a bingo variant originated in China, that has found its way to Europe. The original game is played with 80 numbers (in China it is stil played with Chinese characters) from which you will pick 20 numbers. After you have chosen, the balls will fall subsequently. The more numbers you have guessed in Keno, the more money you will win.

Bonus Keno

The online casinos have integrated Keno in their game offer, and altered it slightly to make it even more appealing. The most enjoyable and most-played variant in the online casinos is bonus-keno. Here you will play with 2-10 numbers, and you can win jokers when a chosen number falls. 5 jokers gives you a bonus round, in which the profits are doubled! The jokers will remain until you have reached 5, even if you close the web page and return to it at another moment.

Bonus keno also has a progressive jackpot (not in play-mode) when the fallen numbers combined make the letter ‘J’, as pictured next to this text. You can try out bonus Keno below. The jackpot is paid out based on your played bet level. If you play on the highest bet level (5), you will get 100% of the jackpot. At level 4 you will get 80%, so the jackpot decreases 20% per lower bet level.

Payout Bonus-Keno

The payout at bonus Keno depends on the amount of chosen numbers, and the amount of rightly predicted numbers. For example, if you only choose 2 numbers, and one of these two numbers falls, you will get your initial bet back. If both numbers fall, you will win 7 times your initial bet. However, if you’ve chosen 3 numbers, and they all fall, you will win 23 times your initial bet. We listed all possible payouts in the table.

Strategy for Keno

To decide what is the best Keno strategy, we must know what the expected value of a bet is. To decide this, we estimate the amount of possible combinations to get the balls. We will also look at the payout, so we van calculate the odds of winning back the initial bet, also known as the payout rate. We don’t want to bother you with difficult calculations, so we have already done the calculations for bonus Keno for you. You can find the results on the right in the table above. So you can best play with 5 numbers. In the table, the bonus game and the jackpot are not processed, because these are variable and cant be calculated exactly. However, they will increase the payout rate by approximately 5%. If you are unlocking a casino bonus too, it becomes even more profitable to play Keno.


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